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I have been using the Giro Strade Dure Supergel Gloves for almost four years now. I recently replaced my set of these gloves because a new puppy got a hold of one and rendered it unfit for further use. I immediately ordered a replacement set of these gloves and that should already give you an indication of my opinion. With almost four years of experience with these gloves and a new pair in hand it seemed time to write up a review.

The palm of the glove is constructed with Ax Suede from Ax Materials. This material is also featured in high end gloves like the Rapha Brevet mitts. Normally I would be hesitant about synthetic suede materials, but this one has shown to be super robust.

With both foam padding and gel inserts (2MM TECHNOGEL / 4MM REBOUND FOAM PADDING) these gloves are definitely at the extra padded far end of road oriented gloves. I find this makes them great for all road or gravel riding as well.

The original pair of gloves I had were size small. However, when ordering replacements I checked the size recommendations and ordered medium. This was a good decision as the new medium gloves appear to be the same size as the older small pair. Other than the change in the size scale, the gloves appear to be constructed in an otherwise undiscernible manner. This is definitely a big plus as some companies adopt cheaper construction practices over time. Giro appears to be still making these in the same high quality manner and has not increased the MSRP in the last 4 years. I actually paid less for these gloves than my original pair as I bought them on sale (You can often find a deal on Giro products if you shop around a bit).

Overall, I highly recommend these as warm weather gloves with extra padding.


  • Size: Medium
  • Weight (for pair): 66 grams (measured)
  • MSRP: $34.99
  • Price Paid: $20.99

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